Thank you in

Thank you in advance for all your prayers. My husband, Mike & I had been very sick since November. After a dose of antibiotics, we’ve recovered. Mike’s doctor strongly advised us to remain isolated because of a long awaited surgery scheduled for January 6th. Mike has been undergoing a medical procedure involving his left kidney for a few months now. With this surgery he will continue the procedure and be evaluated for a few more months with the hope his kidney function will be working normally again.

Meanwhile, at my doctors visit after recovering from the flu, she ordered an X-ray of my lungs to rule out any chance of Pneumonia lingering. The results show an unidentified spot at the base of my lower left lung. Antibiotics followed and a second X-ray ordered. No change, the dark spot is still there. The next step ordered is a CT scan scheduled for this Sunday.

I’m truly not too worried about this, my concern is to be well enough to take care of my husband. He will need my ongoing care so prayers for our situation is so appreciated. I long to get back attending services.

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