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8/21/22 Weekly Announcements

Good evening, everyone.

Here is the link to yesterday’s service for any who missed it. Sunday afternoon was also Brett Thompsons Eagle Court of Honor. I’ve attached a few pictures from his event.

The theme for next week will be faithful following.

Scripture Passages:

    • Psalm 81:1, 10-16
    • Jeremiah 2:4-13
    • Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16
    • Luke 14:1, 7-14


Remember to bring your school supply donations from the reverse offering on Sunday! We need to get them turned in to the Junction City Local Aid.



Congregation              Day                        Date            Time               Event/Announcement

Both                              Wednesday          8/31             6:00pm         Women’s book club will be starting back up today.                                                                                                                            Please be ready to discuss chapter 9. We will be                                                                                                                                meeting at the Eugene church but will also have Zoom                                                                                                                    as an option for those who aren’t local. The Zoom link                                                                                                                    will be sent in a separate email the week of the                                                                                                                                meeting.

River Road                   Thursday               9/1                6:00pm –     It’s our first trivia team event! Join us at the Beer                                                                                                        7:30pm        Station in Junction City (495 Holly Street) for trivia                                                                                                                            night. This is a weekly event (not that you are required                                                                                                                    to attend every week). There is alcohol available, but                                                                                                                      it is a family friendly establishment & kids of all ages                                                                                                                        are welcome. There is also a variety of food trucks on                                                                                                                      site if you’d like to eat dinner there while you play. For                                                                                                                    an extra boost to our score, check out the “Clue of the                                                                                                                    Day” at on Thursdays. There will be a                                                                                                                    clue toward a question that will be asked as well as                                                                                                                          instruction for something to bring for an extra 20                                                                                                                              points. (Silly things; last week was a mail order                                                                                                                                  catalog.) Please contact me if you have any questions.

Both                              Saturday                9/3               6:00pm         1st Saturday event: Trivia Night. Bring snacks to share                                                                                                                      & fellowship starting at 6:00, game will start at                                                                                                                                  7:00pm. As usual, this even is held at the River Road                                                                                                                        church but Salem members are welcome too!

Both                               Saturday                9/24             8:00am –     Yard sale at the River Road church; see Marilyn or                                                                                                       4:00pm       Michele for details. If you have items that you would                                                                                                                      like to include but are unable to store them until the                                                                                                                      sale, bring them in & we can store them in the                                                                                                                                  parsonage.

Both                              Friday –                 10/7 –                                Women’s Retreat at CRC; More info to come.                                                          Sunday                   10/9

River Road                   Sunday                   10/16            After            Pastor Appreciation Day: Please see Michele                                                                                                                 Service        Thompson if you have any ideas, would like to help
out or to make a donation.


·    Please set up Amazon Smile to automatically make donations when you shop. There are separate numbers for text to give for each congregation; Eugene is 1-458-209-2209, Salem is 1-971-273-5588. If you need help getting set up with either Amazon Smile or texting donations, please see a member of the advisory team & we would be happy to help you.

·        I will continue to add any prayers received on request slips during Sunday service to the prayer wall on our website unless the slip specifically says that it is not to be posted on-line. The prayer wall is available 24/7 for anyone to add a prayer. Although the prayer wall is on Eugene’s website it is also open for Salem members to use! Once at hover over the ANNOUNCEMENTS heading at the top of the screen & then click on Prayer Wall when it appears. Scroll to the bottom of the prayer list to enter your request into the
provided fields. The name field is required; however, if you would like to add a request anonymously, you can enter “anonymous” there. You will still have to enter your email address, but it will not be posted anywhere. Once you have filled out the four fields (name, email, prayer request & select to share), click submit to post your request to the wall.

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