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5/22/22 Weekly Announcements

Good afternoon, everyone.

Here is the link to yesterday’s service for any of you who missed it.

We also had our monthly town hall meeting yesterday. (Dates mentioned here will also be in the “dates to remember section below but I wanted to call them out here with more information.)

·     Saturday 6/4 is our June “1st Saturday” event. Since we are doing the potluck on Sunday the advisory team decided to change the theme from “BBQ & Baking Cook Off” to a movie night. We’ll be watching Encanto & think it would be fun if everyone could bring their favorite Latin style treats. I’ll be brining chips & guacamole! Snacks & fellowship start at 6:00, the movie will start at 7:00.

·        Sunday 6/5 is Pentecost & we will also be celebrating Logan Eshlemans graduation. We will be having a potluck after service. Please bring a main dish or a salad & dessert. We will be having brownie Sundays, so we need some non-dessert too! 😊

·        Friday 7/8 – Sunday 7/10 is our “Outside the Walls” event.

o   If you are able to attend on Friday, we will be getting training on how to do things Saturday & going out into the community to let people know about our “Christmas in July” event taking place the next day.

o   This is an all hands on deck event, please don’t make other plans for this weekend.

o   There are several specific jobs needed for the event. Aleck has a sign-up sheet at the church, but he will also be reaching out to people if he doesn’t get enough signups. We will all be greeters (identified by matchings shirts yet to be designed) but these are the specific jobs needed at this time:

§  Decorating (putting up lights, Christmas trees, etc.)

§  Take down & clean up

§  Run games

§  Food (We will be providing hot dogs, chips & drinks for free. Bee’s Food Truck
will also be here selling ice cream; we will pay them a deposit, but people will buy their own treats.)

§  Greeters/info table

§  Marketing

·        June 15-17 the parking lot will be paved. Prior to that, the roof will be re-done on the house. All electrical is going to be buried. We will also be dropping the pump (just off the front walkway) underground so we can get rid of the “house” currently covering it.

·        If you haven’t already filled out a job or passion card, please see Pastor Linda to get them & then return your filled out cards to Jen Hanson.


The theme for next week is our response to seeing the salvation, goodness, and love of God in our lives.
Scripture Passages:

·        Psalm 97:1-12

·        Acts 16:26-34

·        Revelation 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21

·        John 17:20-26


Congregation Day Date Time Event/Announcement
Both Thursday 5/26 1:00pm Sweet Teas via Zoom; link will be sent via separate email later in the week
Both Wednesday 5/25 6:00pm Women’s book club at Eugene church as well as via Zoom. Link will be sent in separate email later in the week. If you come in person, bring a snack to share!
Eugene Saturday 6/4 6:00pm 1st Saturday Evening Event: Movie Night: Encanto. Bring your favorite Latin inspired snack to share. Snacks & fellowship start at 6:00, game starts at 7:00.
Eugene Sunday 6/5 Service & after Pentecost & graduation celebration for Logan Eshleman. Potluck to follow; please bring a main dish or a salad & dessert.
Salem Sunday 6/5 After Service Potluck following services. Please bring a main dish or salad & dessert.



· Please set up Amazon Smile to automatically make donations when you shop. There are separate numbers for text to give for each congregation; Eugene is 1-458-209-2209, Salem is 1-971-273-5588. If you need help getting set up with either Amazon Smile or texting donations, please see a
member of the advisory team & we would be happy to help you.

·I will continue to add any prayers received on request slips during Sunday service to the prayer wall on our website unless the slip specifically says that it is not to be posted on-line. The prayer wall is available 24/7 for anyone to add a prayer. Although the prayer wall is on Eugene’s website it is also open for Salem members to use! Once at hover over the  ANNOUNCEMENTS heading at the top of the screen & then click on Prayer Wall when it appears. Scroll to the bottom of the prayer list to enter your request into the provided fields. The name field is required; however, if you would like to add a request anonymously, you can enter “anonymous” there. You will still have to enter your email address, but it will not be posted anywhere. Once you have filled out the four fields (name, email, prayer request & select to share), click submit to post your request to the wall.

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