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Eugene & Salem Announcements: Week of 1/16/22

Good morning everyone!

Here is the link to yesterday’s service for anyone who
missed it.

The theme for next week will be the discipline of feasting.
Scripture Passages:

·      Psalm 19:1-14

·      Nehemiah 8:10-3, 5-6, 8-10

·      1 Corinthians 12:12-31a

·      Luke 4:14-21


·      Recap of Eugene’s town hall meeting yesterday:

o The financials are looking good. Sorry but I didn’t make notes of any amounts!

o  Recap of the avenues & what they do/are:

§ Hope Avenue Champion is Jenn Hanson. Anything that happens in the church on Sunday as part of service and fellowship afterward is part of the hope avenue.

§ Faith Avenue Champion is me (Shawna Franks). “In-reach” events or meetings of our members not part of Sunday services. This is things like bible studies, book clubs, monthly Saturday night connect events.

§ Love Avenue Champion is Aleck Thompson. “Out-reach” events or services to draw in or help our community. Examples are Easter & Halloween events, summer camps, or the more complex of the Saturday night evens that would be fun to bring friends to.

o  Hope Avenue Updates:

§ Its going to be an adjustment to grab snacks & drinks after service and then bring them back into the sanctuary for fellowship rather than staying in the kitchen with them, but that is what we’re asking you to do. The kitchen is too small to allow for people getting snacks
and all hanging out together so please bring them back into the sanctuary. As soon as possible, one of the windows in the kitchen will be turned into a French door and a partially covered deck will be built along the outside of the kitchen. When needed we can also have heaters out there so that will give us another location for fellowship. Bistro tables have already been ordered that can be placed around the back of the sanctuary to be used for fellowship as well.

o  Faith Avenue Updates:

§ A woman’s book club will be starting on Tuesday February 2nd held in the Eugene church at 6:00 pm. The book will be Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown. If you need assistance to purchase your book, please let Pastor Linda or myself know.

§ A signup sheet has been placed on the kitchen fridge for coordinators of the first Saturday of the month events. Signing up as the coordinator doesn’t mean that you are solely responsible for the event, but that you will be responsible for coordinating with whom ever else you need to help you or bring supplies. Please see Aleck or me if you have any questions. (I’m including Aleck here as some of the events can also fall under the Love
Avenue.) The first event is a Chili Feed coming up soon on February 5th.

§ A new connect group for men is in the works of being created. There isn’t an official plan yet, but it sounds like food & spirits are going to be involved. We will give more information as the plans are made.

§ If you have any ideas for a connect group that you would like to start, please see me and I will work with you to get it set up.

§ See also the note below under “reminders” about prayer requests & the prayer wall. I’m putting the information there as it pertains to Salem as well.

o  Love Avenue Updates:

§ Saturday night events as mentioned under the Faith Avenue above.

§ Easter is coming up on April 17th. Ideas, volunteers, and supplies are needed. At this point the plan is to have an egg hunt at church and have brunch and/or games after service. We all need to start collecting candy and plastic easter eggs (big enough to hold a couple pieces of candy each).

o  “Outside the Walls” event:

§ Currently scheduled as July 8-10th this will require full participation! If I’m remembering correctly, Friday will be training, Saturday will be an event and Sunday will be a service which will hopefully be attended by community members who came to the event on Saturday. We don’t know what the event itself will be yet. There will be multiple people
from the home office & other regions here to help on Friday & Saturday.

o  Moving forward with the parsonage and other work needed on the property:

§ We now have the keys to the parsonage! The house needs a new roof, porch and fencing will be added.

§ As mentioned under the Hope Avenue, a deck will be added to the side of the church.

§ The parking lot will be paved.







Sweet Teas @ 1:00; link will be sent in a separate email



Book club Atlas of the Heart meeting in the Eugene church, time TBD


Please set up Amazon Smile to automatically make donations when you shop. There are separate numbers for text to give for each congregation; Eugene is 1-458-209-2209, Salem is 1-971-273-5588. If you need help getting set up with either Amazon Smile or texting donations, please see a member of the advisory team & we would be happy to help you.

I will continue to add any prayers received on request slips during Sunday service to the prayer wall on our website unless the slip specific says that it is not to be posted on-line. They prayer wall is available 24/7 for anyone to add a prayer. The prayer wall is on Eugene’s website it is also open for Salem members to use! Once at hover over the ANNOUNCEMENTS heading at the top of the screen & then click on Prayer Wall when it appears. Scroll to the bottom of the prayer list to enter your request into the provided fields. The name field says that it’s required, but if you would like to add a request anonymously, you can enter “anonymous” there. You will still have to enter your email address, but it will not be posted anywhere. Once you have filled out the four fields (name, email, prayer request & select to share), click submit to post your request to the wall.

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