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12/19/21 Weekly Announcements

Good evening everyone!

Here is the link to yesterday’s service for anyone who
missed it.


Please join us for our Christmas Eve service at
7:00pm in the Eugene Church on 12/24! If you are not able to join in person,
the service will be streamed so you can watch live and still be with us. The
video will also be available to watch later as well.

There will be no in-person service on Sunday

End of year offerings can be made via mail, text
(1-458-209-2209 for Eugene or 1-971-273-5588 for Salem), as well as in person
during the Christmas Eve service.

The Sweet Teas Connect Group will not be meeting
for the rest of the year & will resume their normal Thursday meetings via
Zoom on January 6th.

The theme for the week of the 26th (we will not
be having service on the 26th) will be a little child shall
lead them
. Scripture Passages:

Psalm 148:1-14

1 Samuel 2:28-30

Colossians 3:12-17

Luke 2:41-52

Since we won’t be meeting on the 26th I’m not
sure yet if we’ll have our normal announcements going out then so I’ll include
the theme for the week of January 2nd as well. That theme will be the
God who comes to our rescue
. Scripture Passages:

Psalm 147:12-20

Jeramiah 31:7-14

Ephesians 1:3-14

John 1:1-18


















Sweet Teas
will not be meeting today; meetings will resume on 1/6.









Christmas Eve
Service @ 7:00pm in the Eugene church.









There will be
no service on Sunday 12/26.









Sweet Teas
will not be meeting today; meetings will resume on 1/6.












Please set up Amazon Smile to automatically make donations
when you shop. There are separate numbers for text to give for each
congregation; Eugene is 1-458-209-2209, Salem is 1-971-273-5588. If you need
help getting set up to donate via text, see someone on the advisory team &
we would be happy to help you.

Prayer requests can be submitted any time during the week on
the Prayer Wall on our website. If you have a prayer that you would like to
share on Sunday, please fill out a prayer request slip and place it in the
donation box during service. If you do not want that prayer to be shared on the
website, please make a note of that on the slip. You can subscribe to be
notified when a new prayer is added to the prayer wall by clicking “Get alerts
when new prayers post” on the Prayer Wall page. (Please note: It appears that
the subscription element of the prayer wall to email you when a new prayer is
added is not working properly. We are working on it!)

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